Animal Reiki

At a human standpoint; science and western medicine have already documented amazing peered reviewed and test case studies on Reiki. They had been able to demonstrate benefit to both immune system and the healing process (example: pre and post surgery). Reiki has shown (and felt) to positively impact physical, emotional, mental and well being health, where the body has the opportunity to either release or better cope with stress.  Reiki on animals has shown just as an amazing benefit as it does on people. Animals, too, experience stress, pain and emotional issues. However, these can manifest in behavioral and physical symptoms that can differ from what humans would encounter.


Animal Reiki also differs from human Reiki as animals can take as little as 15 minutes, whereby people normally have 60 minutes sessions.  Animals have an amazing ability absorb and release energy in a short amount of time, as they are not tied to outcomes and live in the moment.  As mentioned, many pets and rescues etc. do encounter health issues that need our attention, Reiki is one modality to support our pets' healing journey!

   Reiki offers animals the following benefits:

  • Pain Reduction

  • Stress Reduction

  • Re-establish calm and relaxation

  • Increase vitality

  • Decrease healing time from injury, surgery etc.

Reiki has shown to support animals who are in a shelter or rescue environment, specifically when they are having trouble adjusting to a new environment and or where previous abuse has removed their trust.  As Reiki has an amazing ability to hold a calm and peaceful space, they begin to relax and move into a more balanced state.  Reiki practitioners offering energy healing on many occasions, will be focused on one animal, only to find a few more will move in close enough to feel the energy and allow themselves to relax into it.

Another amazing feature of Reiki is it can be performed anywhere, without having to be in physical contact with the animal or pet.  This flexibility allows the means to give Reiki when it is not possible to visit them, supporting recovery to sheltered, sick/quarantined or abused Animals without causing additional stress of physical interaction.

Willow Reiki Healing is very focused on your pets' comfort and achieving a balanced and happy state. Also, believing that the owner should be part of the Reiki session by being present at their pet's session, each and every time!  This creates a deep bond and encouraging a heightened understanding and communication between owner and pet. This is unique to Willow Reiki Healing to "how" the owner participates in the session, but it is not "new" to Reiki healing.

Willow Abel Nov 2003 to Dec 2017

Nastasja Abel

Like many energy healing practitioners, I began my journey at a young age seeing the world a bit differently than other kids. My days were busy with picking up and talking to rocks, or talking to the trees because I thought I was being heard.  Growing up with my family loving animals; there was never a time we did not have one. We couldn't go without having fur steps around the house, with most of them as rescues or adopted through the SPCA. Thus, all my pets have been rescues from various rescue societies and also local SPCA/Humane Society. I am a firm believer of adopting rescues and support organizations who work diligently to helping animals and educating the public about animal well fare.


My first introduction to energy healing was back in 2008 when my asthmatic cat, Sheeva, was experiencing an attack.  It was a bad one, which had woken me up in the middle of the night.  Sheeva cuddled up to me for comfort and was trying to regulate her breath. I felt drawn to put my hand on one side of her hoping to comfort her and prayed she would start to breath easier. Next thing I knew, my hand became super warm and within minutes, Sheeva started to purr. Her labored breathing slowed, eventually she felt into a calm restful sleep.  The very next day, I began to research on what I experienced and so started my journey to discovering Reiki. It wasn't until 2013 that I was able to take Reiki level 1 training; it is now my passion and calling!

I have been a Usui Reiki Practitioner since 2014 and a Master Teacher since 2016. I obtained Animal Reiki certification to progress my work with Reiki and expand & experience energy healing in it's unlimited capacity.

Currently, I live in St. Albert, Alberta offering and teaching Usui Reiki to soon to be People and Animal practitioners.  I am a registered RT (Reiki Teacher) member with the Canadian Reiki Association to uphold Reiki practitioners' policies of best practice and code of ethics.

Nastasja Abel

CRA RT 16-168

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