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Why Animal Reiki?

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

What could Reiki offer my pet or animal - and is it legit?

Imbalances: no socialization with people
Saidee, now relaxed and feeling safe

Reiki, for most people is a "woo woo" subject where it's either fake, a money grab or just plain "out there" logic. Our medical industry is very science based, and with good reason, as it has brought much needed information & proof about our bodies and how they work. Science in the past had shown Reiki as inconclusive to down right snake oil; so the question we should be asking is what has kept Reiki in the holistic realm of alternate healing then? Alternative healing modalities such as Acupuncture, Apothecary, Reflexology, Homeopathy etc. all have stayed within our alternate options of health support, going back hundreds of years back. Yet, Reiki has only been around since the 1920s, so how does it stack up and ultimately, offer legitimacy? Let's begin with...

Reiki began in the early 1920s by Mikao Usui who was a monk on a mission to understand how instant healing could be obtained. There are several renditions of how he brought it into Eastern and Western medicine - we can say that: 1) it was Usui who was the prime initiator of the Reiki methodology, and 2) he obtained it by a "streak of light" while meditating high up on a mountain. However, the premise around Reiki is the historical knowledge in Eastern cultures of a primal "energy" or life source that surrounds us. Here out West, we are slowly understanding it. So the conflict is: Reiki is "new" per say, yet the premise around it is "old" ... confused yet? Let's just sum it up to; Reiki is based on Easter ancient wisdom (look up prana, chi or ki), with new awareness in our Western present age.

Part of the "why": There are multitude case studies, peer reviewed and trialed research that has shown Reiki to be very valuable in hospital, hospice and nursing home settings! So much so, that there are multitudes of health centers, universities and hospitals already training medical & nursing staff, hosting Reiki sessions for many pre/post procedures and well-being & health maintenance programs. Reiki outcomes have provided:

  • decreases pain levels

  • decreases healing time

  • decreases emotional imbalances

  • increases vitality and

  • increase behavioral balance and wellness

So, back to "why animal Reiki"? Well, what is good for the goose, should be good for the gander, right? Correct! Animal Reiki has demonstrated a HUGE impact to animals, in many cases, more so that in people. Our pets and animals have an amazing ability to adapt and adjust a lot quicker than people - and Animal Reiki healing successful for that very reason! Having a Reiki session on your pet or animal is an amazing way to offer additional support to their healing or health regime/journey.

Animal Reiki is first and foremost, gentle, non evasive and very loving! Reiki sessions have shown significant and tangible results as seen visibly, through medical observation and laboratory results. Where pet owners see first hand themselves, sometimes immediately, sometimes over a succession of sessions. To learn more about Reiki all up or Animal Reiki, please see About and Resources! If you are interested to book a session, please see "What to Expect" for details on what happens in an animal Reiki session.

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