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Keeta Abel: Jun 1993 - Aug 2008

Reiki FAQs

Can Reiki be offered to any animal?

Yes! Whether your pet is anxious with strangers, or its a wild animal, domestic, or a working animal - Reiki is for any pet or animal. Reiki for animals does not require touch or even the practitioner's presence to receive Reiki. See About for full deets!

How long does a session last?

It depends on the animal and it is never static like People Reiki is (usually 60 minutes). Most cases it is about 30 minutes, or little as 15 minutes and in rarity, over an hour. Each animal Reiki session is unique and very individual to your pet or animal, so the practitioner is always in observation of when the session will end as the pet/animal will give indications. This can be from walking away (and not come back) or falling asleep or other behavioural/body responses are some examples of a session ending.

How do you know the Reiki is working?

Love this question! There are several indicators that Reiki is working that usually become apparent near the end of the session and most often after. These indicators are:

  • more energy/more calm: your pet seems more lively if they were not before, or have calmed down if they were too energetic - acheived some balance inbetween
  • more attentive/less reactive: depending the behaviour, you will see an improvement and or a postive change. Example: what was their attention to "triggers" or how they respond to stimuli before Reiki?
  • improvement or reversal of a health issue: depending on the health issue, if your pet is on an ongoing or long term Vet directed program, you may start to see improvement, where as before there was improvement, but with remaining issues. Reiki always complements a Vet directed program, increasing the bodies abiltiy to relax, to release stress so the medicine or program can do its work. Reiki should never be used as a replacement of Veterinarian or medical professional support, it is specifically a complementary modality.

Is there a guarantee that Reiki will work on my pet ?

In the health and medical community, regardless if its a person or animal, there are no guarentees that are advised. As each "body" is different as to how it reacts to health regimes, medicines, physio/exercise and even food. There cannot be any guarentee it will have a specific or expected outcome. If one thing can be stated, Reiki always helps in some form, and never hinders or harms. From my many years of offering people Reiki, it has always amazed me and my clients of their outcomes or benefits they recieved, through feedback and discussions. With my pets, I had to learn how Reiki affects them through subtle hints, such as body language, verbal (non or vocal) and contact (avoidence vs. attentive). It is so rewarding to see, for instance, a client's dog or a cat totally change demeanor from cranky or stand offish, to calm or approachable after a Reiki session - it is proof enough for me and their owner(s).

Do I bring my pet to you?

No, it is better (and recommended) to have your pet or animal remain where they are safe and best supported if they are on medication, or have stress releated issues. If a "house call" is not an option, long distance Reiki is an amazing and effective solution.

Who is Nastasja?

Nastasja has been a Reiki Master Practitioner for over 4 years and a Certified Reiki Teacher since 2016. She is a registered member at the Canadian Reiki Association (CRA), which she is very proud of. She had a strong pull to obtain her Animal Reiki and was certifified by a local 20 year Animal Reiki Master Teacher. She is currently working on Animal Case Studies to fullfil her CRA Animal Reiki membership registration requirement. To read read more about Nastasja, please see Nastasja Abel, scroll below About Animal Reiki

Sessions & Payment FAQs

What method of payment do you accept?

Accepting Cash, MC, Visa and Debit (Square - tap only) upon arrival. E.transfer or debit transfer must be recieved 72hrs (3 days) prior to session appointment.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are granted upon a cancellation 24hrs prior to the appointment start time. This is specific to eTransfers only. Also, full refunds are given should your session be cancelled by Nastasja if a rebook date could not be scheduled . Refund requests after the Reiki session has been completed are not honored. However, some circumstances are beyond anyone's control (and especially where animals are concerned) and exceptions are reviewed depending on the urgency or severity of the refund request reason.

Do I pay upon Booking a Session?

No, payment is accepted upon arrival of the session, unless prior discussions have determined otherwise.

Do you offer Discounts, Packages or Gift Cards?

Yes! Please see the Blog or Willow Reiki Healing FaceBook page for current promotions. You can also contact Nastasja for Gift Cards or special animal group package discounts. If you are a Rescue, Shelter or Non for Profit orgainzation, Nastasja would love to offer Reiki as a donaton or at a volunteer capacity.