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Rescue & Courtesy Mentions

Rescue Organizations and Societies

I feel it is very important to support organizations and groups who exist to help out animals and pets in need. From Humane Societies to Rescue organizations, to veterinarians and other animal health service and or non for profit groups - they all work hard, with or without pay or recognition!  Below is a list of local (and a few non local) rescue organizations who may not be in the media as much as other larger ones and deserve a "shout out" to their continued work and dedication!

SCARS - Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.  I adopted our current pup, from SCARS back in early 2012. I highly recommend reaching out to them if you are looking to adopt and or have questions about the adoption process. The are an amazing rescue organization - see their video of one of their sanctuaries: About Us
Zoes Animal Rescue Society - Zoes is where I have had the pleasure to offer Reiki to a beautiful ol' gal named Misty. ZARS is Edmonton based and have been around since 2012.

Courtesy Mentions

Below are courtesy postings of dogs, cats and other animals who are in need of a "forever home" or some support to ensure they are safe, healthy and ready for a future. 

NOTE: As these are courtesy postings, please use the links provided to read more about the animal and or the contact of where you can obtain full details etc.  I do not receive any benefits from courtesy postings, other than to help rescues find a loving home.

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