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Research and Information Sources

Canadian Reiki Association -   " is a federally chartered and governed non-profit association".  They ensure all registered members work within the Reiki Scope of Practice, follow the Code of Ethics and keep members in good standing. CRA has specific set of Criteria that all Practitioners must follow and uphold. The website also offers up-to-date information and Reiki support sources via their newsletters and meetings. There is also list of Reiki practitioners and teachers, including Animal practitioners in and around Canada.  I am proud to be a member of the CRA and have been since 2016.

Animal Reiki Source - Kathleen Prasad has an amazing wealth of experience and knowledge on Animal Reiki.  I highly recommend all to check out her website and her videos, I know I did and still do!

Animal Reiki Alliance - Kathleen Lester's website also has a library stash of Animal Reiki information and offers code of ethics for her members (in the USA).

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