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Animal Reiki Services

First Reiki Session

Select this session if this is your first time Reiki experience or if you are a new client with Willow Reiki.   In this session, time is allotted for questions and for Nastasja to get to know you and your pet   Your pet or animal will then receive a full Reiki session.

This session will take approximately 60-75 minutes*


* Reiki on Animals  can be little as 15 minutes, and upwards.

Please see "About Animal Reiki" for more info.

This session is for a re-book or reoccurring session. This includes time for check in & updates and a full Reiki session.


This session should be selected if there are limitations or restrictions for a Reiki session to be performed  in person.  Long Distance sessions are just as effective as in person sessions as Reiki is not limited by time or space (distance between).  It is recommended for animals who are quarantined, extremely stressed by human strangers or  upon professional / personal recommendation.


Nastasja has been using her intuitive abilities with animals since her youth. Reiki has made that connection not only stronger, but with much more depth. If you are interested in having an Intuitive Connection reading of your pet with Nastasja, please contact her for more information.

Customized Fee

Willow Reiki is always available to help our shelters or rescue organizations, in both single or group settings.  Please contact for booking a session and special pricing. In some cases, Willow Reiki offers Reiki as a donation; to give back to those who give so much for in-need animals.

Customized Fee

Animal Reiki Certification* classes are available with either individual and group settings.  There are 2 levels; Basic and Advanced.

AR Basic you will learn Reiki 1 and Animal Reiki focused on offering Reiki as a Non-Practitioner level.

AR Advanced covers the Practitioner level and provides Animal Reiki & Reiki Level 2 training.

Use the Course Dates button for upcoming dates & times. You may register from the list provided


*Note: If you already have Reiki 1 or 2, you will receive Animal Reiki Basic & Advanced at discounted prices.


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