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What to Expect

First, it is your pet or animal that will lead the session!  Animals are much more sensitive to energy and in many cases are in a hypersensitive state (abuse, abandonment, fight or flight imbalance, illness etc.) and may fully reject "healing" if the practitioner applies the same method as they would for people.  What differs from people sessions is when Reiki is offered to animals, generally the practitioner will not be touching them and be at a short distance away.  While this may look ineffective, it is totally the opposite! Once your pet becomes relaxed, may make their way over to the practitioner if they want to be touched. Just as love knows no bounds, Reiki knows no limitations to distance.

Second, animals and pets are very unique in personality and in the nature of their breed or species, so some will want touch, others will not. If there is a common outcome that most pets or animals experience - it's that they eventually succumb to the peaceful energy and will either achieve a relaxed balanced state, OR, fall to sleep. 

Also, during a session, many pets or animals will move around a lot, yawn, stretch, twitch, kick and may even seem more active than normal. This is all part of the "release" process where Reiki is providing the means for the energy to move through the body and helps re-balance the energy systems.  In many cases they are depleted of energy, unable to re-energize themselves; Reiki assists in refilling their reserves, offering revitalization to their entire systems (energetic, emotional, mental, etc.).

Lastly, no 2 sessions are a like! One session, they will want to be touched and be fully relaxed; in the next session, they will be standoffish and will want distance between you and them.  It is all up to the pet or animal as each session has purpose and benefit, regardless if it seems they are not "into it".  What matters is that we offer Reiki out of love and respect - with the best intentions for them - which is by far, the best kind of healing of all.

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